The Grand Rapids Gallery Association
The Mission of the GRGA

Grand Rapids Gallery Association is a multi-faceted organization celebrating this area’s diverse and stimulating fine arts community. Both member galleries and arts organizations are united in the spirit of cooperation to enrich this already vibrant arts community through educational programs, special events and the ability to exert a measure of influence on the community culture through awareness and appreciation of the visual arts.

Our History

Since 1998, the Gallery Association has been comprised of various local galleries, museums and arts organizations. From the outset, the goal of the organization was to connect and share the arts with the community, and to create the opportunity for broader art appreciation and cultural understanding. As a group, we have been able to share ideas and support each other’s activities. The Grand Rapids Gallery Guide has been produced annually by the association to educate and inform the public about the excellent opportunities to become involved in the arts in our community.

Join the GRGA

We welcome new members! All art galleries, museums, arts organizations and educational institution galleries that have a one-year history of changing exhibitions are eligible to apply for membership.

Please download the GRGA Membership Form:
12k PDF or 28k Word file

• You can send the completed Word file as an attachment to

• Or mail either completed form to: GRGA, PO Box 6791, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6791.

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GRGA's Guide to Learning About Art

Articles About Art

Please enjoy the list of articles below that have been written by members of the Grand Rapids Gallery Association.

Download Home is Where the Art Is, Aug. 2005 [On-the-Town Magazine] (270k PDF)
Download I’ve Been Framed, Oct. 2005 [On-the-Town Magazine] (136k PDF)
Download Let the Sun Shine In, Feb. 2006 [On-the-Town Magazine] (144k PDF)
Download To Mat or Not to Mat (72k PDF)
Download Taking a Look at Some Legendary Women, Mar. 2007 [On-the-Town Magazine] (208k PDF)
Download Art: Grand Rapids Gets It!, Aug. 2006 [On-the-Town Magazine] (96k PDF)
Download Take Time Out for Art, Sept. 2007 [On-the-Town Magazine] (240k PDF)
Download Grand Rapids – A Thriving Community of the Arts… (84k PDF)
Download Art Prize Article, 2012 (12k PDF)
Download Public Art in Grand Rapids, 2012 (24k PDF)

Art Terms

If you're confused about some of the terms used to describe art, please visit ArtLex where you'll find definitions for more than 3,600 terms used in discussing art / visual culture, along with thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, great quotations and cross-references.

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